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“Simon is one of the most charismatic and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Simon is one of very few people who has been fully tested in a “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” (Ben Horowitz) kind of way, and consistently proven himself as a shining pillar of integrity, talent and strength. Through successes and challenges alike, he inspires those who work with, for and around him to be the best versions of themselves.

He is an amazingly talented and admirable human being, and one of the best credentialed execs in the digital creative market”.

Anthony Pascoe, Investor & Exec Chairman, IWS

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“Simon has been and still is a mentor to me. His charisma and unwavering optimism are as bright as the sun yet his willingness to pause iterate and optimize are unflinching.

His understanding of markets both financial and creative is only topped by his incessant reading and uncanny ability to absorb new knowledge and implement it rapidly.

He's a natural born leader who understands people and nurtures relationships with empathy and communication”.

Maz McWilliams, Creative Director, Stars + Stripes

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“Simon Moss is an innovator. A visionary leader with that magic blend of marketing wizardry and technical aptitude.

Whilst reporting to Simon I received a lesson in charismatic leadership. An expert manager of business relationships and the ability to continually bring the best out of his team. It's no surprise to me the success Simon has enjoyed since then, and I fully expect greater successes in his future”.

Jack McKeon, Head of Customer Business, LinkedIn

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“Simon is infectiously passionate. He develops strong, deep relationships quickly and garners the kind of client loyalty it might take others years to earn.

This is because his ability to see things clearly from both sides of the relationship is evident in all his interactions.

It’s also because he’s reliable, he follows through, he’s genuinely engaged in his role and he’s loads of fun to be around!

Work is a much more inspiring place to be when Simon is around”.

Sian Taylor, Head of Communications, Allianz