Hello. I'm Simon, British-born, Aussie-made, Brooklyn-based growth & strategy guy.

In the noughties, I led sales and marketing for U.S based enterprise tech companies. From 2011-2018 I co-founded ImageBrief, Inc, building digital marketplaces connecting 12,000+ agencies & Fortune/FTSE 500 brands with 80,000+ content creators in 169+ countries.

As CEO & Chairman, my role included capital raising, shareholder relations, recruiting and leading teams of 25+ staff in New York, London and Sydney. Since our exit, I spend my time consulting on growth for brands and agencies seeking product/market fit.

In downtime, I find inspiration from books, videos, and mentors on tech, business, and endurance.

There is a saying “Find your gift, and give it away”. I’ve been told my gift is making connections. This usually means connecting people with people, people with opportunities, data with insights or trends with strategies.

Press and speaking:

IDG Capital O2O markets conference, Beijing, China
WPP STREAM - Antalya, Turkey
Entrepreneur Magazine
Huffington Post
Social Media Today
Mumbrella 360
AIMIA Summit
New York Photo Festival
Entrepreneur Magazine
Smart Company
Vivid Festival, Sydney Opera House
Crowdsourcing Week Singapore
Creative3 Australia
SmartCompany Top 50 ‘Tech Pioneers’ 2016
ImageBrief, Inc named TIME Magazine’s ‘Top 5 Companies to Watch’

Projects and experience:

CEO, Sales & Marketing

  • Successfully commercialized multiple apps, digital platforms, and content marketplaces

  • Recruited and led design and software engineering teams

  • Managed product and design roadmaps, iterating using build-measure-learn feedback loops, MVP's, UI/UX prototypes, hypothesis-driven A/B split testing

  • Recruited, trained and managed hundreds of salespeople

  • Recruited, trained and managed marketing teams

  • Led hundreds of traditional and new media marketing campaigns

  • Managed company finances, P&L, legal, operational, statutory and fiduciary responsibilities

  • Sold $50M+ of multi-department enterprise software (CRM, content and workflow solutions) to global companies in international markets

  • Presented to thousands of creative and technology leaders on crowdsourcing creativity, digital marketplaces, startups and growth

  • Led multiple, multi-$M capital raises

Founder and Chairman

  • Negotiated capitalization terms and contracts for common stock, preferred stock, and convertible notes

  • Managed company re-domestication process, involving complex legal, tax and shareholder interests

  • Managed all shareholder communications

  • Chaired monthly board meetings, produced annual and quarterly reports

Consulting and advisory projects

  • Designed and implemented a verticalized go-to-market strategy for a global enterprise tech company

  • Developed an integrated digital plan for a luxury clothing brand based on business goals and objectives

  • Assisted global agency CXO and M&A teams with acquisition due diligence

  • Assisted CEO and founding teams with investor pitch decks and capital raise materials

  • Developed audits to benchmark cross-channel communications for a travel and hospitality brand

  • Assisted Fortune 500 Global VP to develop sales & marketing strategy extending B2C to Enterprise

  • Advised investors and CXO team on international expansion - product, sales, operational and marketing strategy

  • Provided mentorship for Techstar Entrepreneurs

  • Designed pitch materials and investor introductions for a seed-stage B2B tech founding team

If you’re working on an interesting problem let me know. I’d love to help.

Inspiration - videos, books, and mentors:

For a masterclass in the fundamentals of product/market fit, growth accounting, and why retention is the number one key metric for growth, nothing beats this Stanford Lecture: ‘How to Get Users and Grow’ by Alex Schultz, VP Growth, Facebook.

‘The Third Door’ by Alex Banayan is a brilliant way to think about how to hack success at anything. Skip 2:56m into this interview with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory.

On practical principles for living a meaningful life, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules for Life’ is an antidote to the chaos we experience in our lives.

On overcoming obstacles and self-motivation, this talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer stopped me in my tracks.

Ray Dalio’s ‘How The Economic Machine Works’ is a lesson I wish I’d learned 20 years ago.

Johann Hari’s interview with Matt D’Avella on Lost Connections made me rethink the relationship we have with technology, and the importance of human connection.

‘Extreme Ownership’ by Jocko Willink is in my Top 10. His TED Talk is well worth watching.

Seth Godin’s talk on Purple Cows and Otaku is still one of my favorite talks on marketing, and being remarkable.

Jim Collins “From Good to Great” helped me better understand the fundamentals of what separates good and great companies.

Ben Horowitz ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ - in the depth of the most challenging times of building my company, I read this book over and over.

Chip Conley’s TED talk on wisdom flowing from old to young and young to old, and his perspectives on why everyone has mid-life wrong inspires me.

David Goggins kickstarted my fascination with mental toughness and physical endurance. After listening to his audiobook ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ I haven’t stopped running.