• Successfully commercialized multiple apps, digital platforms, and content marketplaces

  • Recruited and led design and software engineering teams

  • Managed product and design roadmaps, iterating using build-measure-learn feedback loops, MVP's, UI/UX prototypes, hypothesis-driven A/B split testing

  • Recruited, trained and managed hundreds of salespeople and marketing teams

  • Led hundreds of traditional and new media marketing campaigns

  • Managed company finances, multi-$ million P&L’s, legal, operational, statutory and fiduciary responsibilities

  • Generated $25+ million of multi-department enterprise software (CRM, content and workflow solutions) licensing revenue, and $20+ million in recurring subscription revenue to global companies in international markets

  • Presented to thousands of creative and technology leaders on crowdsourcing creativity, digital marketplaces, startups and growth

  • Led multiple, multi-$ million capital raises, negotiating capitalization terms and contracts for common stock, preferred stock, and convertible notes

  • Negotiated and secured MSA’s and preferred supplier contracts with Fortune 500 brands and agencies including Omnicom, WPP, Publicis, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google.

Consulting and advisory, projects and specialities:

  • Product marketing strategy

  • Integrated digital strategy

  • Growth accounting

  • Verticalized go-to-market strategy

  • Acquisition due diligence

  • Cross-channel audits and benchmarks

  • International expansion

  • Strategic partnerships

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